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Leaders in pavement recycling, reuse, construction and rehabilitation.

Hiway, a leader in pavement recycling and construction, is recognised for its innovative techniques popular in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, focused on conservation in transport infrastructure, mining, and power generation sectors.

Hiway works with customers to develop innovative recycling and reuse solutions, through hi-tech product development and carbon reduction expertise leverage their extensive technical capability aligned with its laboratory partners. This approach provides excellence in innovation development for clients coupled with best-in-class innovation solutions across an international platform.

As part of this innovation focus, Hiway invests heavily in research and development to design client solutions that provide for more sustainable infrastructure as well as driving improved performance and efficiency, getting more for less. Our Masters Range of products provide our customers with tailored solutions that embody Hiway’s culture of innovation development coupled with customer collaboration culminating significant value to our communities in a changing future.

Hiway Master Range

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