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Infrastructure is a significant contributor to carbon and to meet the stringent global emissions targets it is essential that all sectors take every opportunity to reduce and eliminate carbon from all facets of construction, operation and maintenance. Our bespoke fleet, efficient delivery approach and innovative solutions provided carbonising opportunities across all the sectors we operate.

Decarbonising our Sectors


Hiway has developed a series of low-carbon and carbon positive solutions which can be used in both construction and maintenance of the road pavement lifecycle. Our traditional solutions increase pavement life, reuse existing or secondary materials and have a significant impact on reducing the disposal of materials as well as the ability to improve existing materials rather than import new materials reducing the carbon impact over traditional methodology by as much as 50%.

Utilising the innovative materials from our Masters Range – MasterPave and MasterCarb solutions allow for further reduction with MasterCarb providing for a carbon negative outcome to produce a positive environmental outcome for the roads we drive on.

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Hiway possess proven the technical ability to improve materials within the existing network to avoid carbon intensive removal, transportation and replacement. This has been applied in numerous situations both in construction and rail maintenance to provide a lower carbon impact. See our Parkes to Narrowmine Inland Rail feature project as a prime example.

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Traditional construction of heavy-duty port and airport pavements consume large amounts of carbon. Through our reuse of existing materials to create increased pavement strength, negating the requirement to remove, transport, dispose and replace the existing materials provides a significant carbon reduction. Due to the heavy-duty nature of these sectors the carbon reduction is material in both the construction process and operational lifecycle.

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Our bespoke pavement solutions provide a low carbon alternative to traditional pavement methodology. Our ability to modify materials to produce pavement strength and quality required for the heavy load short duration pavements required in most renewable applications. We have proven capability to embrace low carbon principles for the construction of low carbon energy sites.

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Hiway provide several low carbon, environmentally responsible services and products which reduce the carbon impact of mining sites through improved running surfaces for haul routes to improve fuel efficiency, to reduced water consumption (and the vehicle movements associated) with dust suppression.

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The removal and disposal of contaminated materials, many with an organic content has a huge carbon impact. At Hiway we have the ability to chemically fixate and stabilise then encapsulate so contaminated materials can be safely reused on the site of excavation to provide a material which becomes of value rather than a disposal liability.

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