Sustainable connections

Partnering to advance a more balanced and sustainable carbon-conscious transport network.

Our roads, railways and runways connect us and sustain entire communities. Climate change means this also relies, crucially, on sustaining our environment. Hiway is an Australasian low-carbon pavement specialist bringing 35+ years of research and technical expertise to reduce emissions and costs via in-situ and ex-situ recycling and reuse. Working together we can serve society and safeguard the environment.

Our communities deserve it. Our environment depends on it.

Transport networks connect us to our great outdoors and our way of life. Across great distances, they sustain families, friendships and businesses.

Hiway has been pioneering low emission pavement construction and rehabilitation since 1986. Our continual innovation has reduced carbon emissions while also reducing the costs and time needed on most jobs. Underpinning this is a commitment and focus on resilience – products and solutions that perform better and last longer. By doing the right thing for the planet, Hiway has shown that the right thing can also be the most cost-effective, quickest, and most long-lasting solution.

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Walkerston By Pass

The Walkerston Bypass project is a greenfield 10.4km two lane highway that connects the Mackay Ring Road South of Makay with the Peak Downs Highway. This is a critical piece of infrastructure that will relieve congestion and improving traffic flow that will underpin the growth aspirations in the region for future generations.

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More than a job

More than a job

We invite you to discover that a career with us is not just a job – it’s an inspiring journey filled with possibilities. Work alongside other curious minds in a culture of continuous learning and enjoy the many growth and development opportunities on offer.   Explore our current job openings, register your interest in working for us and find out what sets us apart as an employer of choice.

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Tairawhiti Emergency Work

Hiway prides itself on being an integral player in Australasia’s transport infrastructure ecology. There’s no greater test of this collaborative value than when a natural disaster strikes and all parties are required to step up as one. See more about this in our Tairawhiti feature project.

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Cost and carbon calculator

Use our carbon calculator to determine your potential carbon offsetting and cost savings.

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